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Laptop hinges replacement

Laptop hinges are usually cast items, and not very forgiving or flexible. Treated with care, they should last the lifetime of the laptop, but laptop hinges can become worn through normal daily use, or can easily be damaged by the laptop being dropped or some sort of physical impact.

We at can fix the lid hinges for almost any laptop, if the hinges are un-repairable we can replace new hinges or replace the whole lid or base of a laptop. Hinge damage will not usually affect the operation of the laptop but looks awful. Although, broken hinge, may result in a cracked screen if the lid is not opened/closed very carefully. So if your hinges is broken or damaged, please give a call on our Helpline no: 022-43453333 so that we can help you repair / replace the hinges of your Laptop.

How it works?

  1. Once you place a call with us, we will send a certified techician onsite to your place within 2 hours.
  2. He will inspect the physical condition of the hinges and try to fix if there minor disallignement.
  3. If it requires service center repairs, he will carry the Laptop with him to our repair factory.
  4. Once the hinges is repaired / replaced at our repair factory, the technician will get laptop installed at your loaction.


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